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European Cross championship will be held on December the 8. 2013. in Belgrade. SPAR European Cross championship is the most important athletic competiotion that Belgrade organized . read more...
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The city of Belgrade - metropolis of history, art, economy, multiculturalism, sports and religious diversity

Beograd confidently bears a number of epithets as a recognised metropolis of history, art, economy, multiculturalism, sports and religious diversity, as a capital of entertainment, but also as a city constantly looking to the future. How can we turn the oldest settlement with uninterrupted continuity of urban life in Europe and the stronghold of modern civilisation into a better place for all of us, if we do not make Beograd a true city of culture?

Devastated more times than any other city, Beograd has persistently risen from its ashes, constantly changing its visible qualities. Yet, it has never changed its authentic and essential "spirit of the city", its unique lifestyle. It is characterised by a remarkable charm, cheerfulness, hospitality and eternal optimism. Unburdened by prejudice of any kind, Beograd does not belong to any ideology, nation or religion, it does not check passports or skin colour of its visitors, nor is it a slave to stereotypes of any kind.

2020 European Capital of Culture

For a short while in Beograd, I found out two things, very important to me: excellent food and people who approach movies much more intellectually than in America.
Jack Nicholson

In 2020, Beograd will have an opportunity to become the AXIS MUNDI, the Centre of the World. It is a chance for a whole generation to achieve a great goal and make the whole society better; to make its environment recognised across the world, to change the unfavourable image about its people, and to show its uniqueness, richness of spirit, tradition, artistic potential and creativity.